About Us

Your IT partner for your big ideas ...

We have been working on building software solutions since years and recently we launched one of our own product "Astra Sales". This experience of building our own product exposed us to many people in business community who have so many great ideas and solutions to problems.

Despite having such great ideas, their ideas never got kick started ... why? ... because only thing they lacked was the Technical Know-how that they had no IT background. Ever if they tried inquiring about the feasibility around their ideas, they were answered by over-confidant but less-skilled website building companies or the over-priced big software companies.

Seeing this situation, we felt that there is really a need of a reliable IT partner for such people, We then decided to dedicate one of department only for building futuristic solutions for people have futuristic ideas.

"We envision to be IT partner and not IT vendor."

We work on vast range of technologies to build end to end solutions for customers. Every day we are working on some new technology, learning it, delivering it and build the even bigger portfolio to cater to diverse solutions for diverse ideas.

Get involved with us and feel the difference!